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I am Pamela Bee, self employed, artist and owner of Deluge Design, Inc. Stained Glass and Gifts.

I began this journey back in 1984 when my mother took a class that required her to purchase a kit that contained all of the tools and supplies necessary for stained glass.  At the time I was a teenager, and very unintimidated, so I quickly consumed her scrap glass making sun catchers and later stained glass panels and boxes.  Years later, once I had my own home, the stained glass equipment and supplies were transferred to my house where the hobby grew into a part time business.

In 2002 the business was incorporated as Deluge Design, Inc. and I walked away from my 17 year career to work full time on custom Stained Glass pieces and commissions.  I quickly realized that I was receiving enough calls from people wanting to take classes or looking for a place to purchase the supplies for making stained glass pieces, that in the fall of 2004 I decided it was time to move the business from my home to a store front. 

The building at 27 West Main Street, next to Glen Falls National Bank, in charming and historic Cambridge, New York was purchased in the fall of 2004 with the intent to be able to open the studio for retail sales of finished pieces, teaching stained glass, and also selling the tools and supplies for making stained glass. The studio opened just before Christmas 2004. 

Since opening the store a selection of gift items including unique glass items, vases, votives, stemware, hand painted, hand quilted and beaded jewelry items have been added.

Please, stop in and visit the studio next to Glens Falls National Bank on historic Main Street in Cambridge, New York.!!



Deluge Design, Inc.
27 West Main Street
Cambridge, NY 12816

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